Welfare Co-Ordinator Needed

In our U3A we have many people willing to help out when needed. So we need someone to form and maintain a list of member volunteers and to connect the right person for the situation at hand.

A volunteer could be required to assist with such things as:

  • Driving members to doctor’s appointments or hospital anywhere between Seymour and Epping or just locally.
  • Providing a hot meal or hot water in the case of prolonged power outages.
  • Much needed company for an hour or two.
  • A friendly ear on the end of the phone.
  • Escorting a member on the train.
  • Assisting with emergency shopping for groceries or medication.
  • Walking a member’s dog while the member is incapacitated.
  • Watering a member’s garden while they are in hospital or away.

If you are willing to co-ordinate the list, or be a volunteer, please let someone on the committee know or email info@u3akilmoreanddistrict.com.au. It would be great to get this service up and running again.

Thank you in anticipation.